Sunday, January 3

The Willing of Stuff

I have long since willed many things to come, the first of which being the publishing of the novel that I have worked on for over five years. The second, a man – a creative, sensitive without being wussy, lanky without being underfed, geeky but with the ability to whip off the glasses and expose his inner Clark Kent, lustful without needing to exhaust himself outside of our shared bed. Lastly; world peace. Well, I had to say that didn’t I or else the other two would just sound superficial and self-serving. And yet none of those things have come to fruition, to which I draw a long sigh and hit the period on the keyboard as if it cements its finality in ever coming true. And then I’m here after so long a period of not writing, I’m here and missing my readers and the comments and the moments I set aside to read your blogs and wishes and dastardly deeds. Somehow it becomes new air and all consuming, and I feel right and fulfilled. I find the patience to wait for all these things to come.

It feels good to be back – how are you?

Saturday, January 2

Sexy Saturday Video

I found myself at the 'Panda Bar' in Philly a few weeks ago and there were these flyers for another gig being passed out that had Grace Jones on the front with Keith Haring. She was semi-naked, the rest of her haven been painted by Keith in huge white geometric shapes. No one of the kiddies at my table knew who the hell they were except for me. Was I the only one who remembered the power and lust of Grace Jones?!

Seems its time to whip out the old time machine and unveil the woman who made men cum when she looked at them and said "Pull up to my bumper baby."