Tuesday, June 26

Sick of Cock Shots

Personally I am sick of guys sending cock shots to my email when they ask me out. They never want to just chat and familiarize themselves with you - its always "let's meet up!" Now how would I identify you should I want to meet up if your cock's not hanging out?

Why are men always trying to fly higher when you haven't even given them clearance to leave the ground yet? Must be an Icharus complex.

For the future guys... how about a picture of your face - let me see if I can stand that before you try woo'ing me with your meat.

Monday, June 25


The Politics is looking for the worst dating disaster stories you've got for the new section of our website called: GOOD RIDDANCE

If you've got a good story on the worst date ever; a reason why you'll never hook up with that person again, then we'd like to HEAR IT! and since we try to help those less fortunate, lets try and end the story with a moral. LOL

This way the rest of us can steer clear of the losers too.email us at:ginger@thepoliticsoflove.net

Monday, June 18

Brand New S@$!

The vacation is well over and the new site content is flourishing...

Once again THANK YOU to everyone who emails and encourages me to keep chugging along with this zany idea!
Make sure you check out the video clips we filmed on location in Paris & Dublin-we pried into everyone's business getting them to spill the goods on everything from breakups to guys with big wallets.
Remember that you don't have to wait for me to find you - if you have video of you and your friends waxing poetic, send it me at ginger@thepoliticsoflove.net and I'll share it with EVERYONE!

Sunday, June 3

It's Always Over Before You Know It

Well darlings, this is the last day of my European Vacation and the interviews for the video clips section will be posted by Friday. I had so much fun finding out the dynamics of relationships and viewpoints of the people I encountered on my trip - I'll try to include some of my thoughts and observations along the way. Until then...