Wednesday, July 8

Sex Euphemisms

Yesterday after reading Lilu's sexy innuendo fueled comment about last week's 'Sexy Saturday Video', I went crazy trying to list all the sex euphemisms I could think of. I even enlisted (rather forced) my friends to help - I think we made a decent go of it. But I feel like I must at least hit 50 before I'll feel satisfied.

So put on your dirty thinking caps and let's finish this list together! I want that comment section filled with filth! The best euphemisms is gonna win a dirty, dirty prize ;)

              1. King my Castle

              2. Rock my Boat

              3. Swim to my Shore

              4. Blow on my Whistle

              5. Cream in my Coffee

              6. Butter my Bread

              7. Pour some sugar on me

              8. Float my Boat

              9. Clean the Pipes

              10. Swing in my Jungle

              11. Ride my Pony

              12. Ring my Bell

              13. Knocking Boots

              14. Doing the Bump

              15. Mattress Mambo

              16. Horizontal Hokey-Poke with a Hot Beef Injection

              17. Making Whoopee

              18. Doing the Deed

              19. Gettin' her Done

              20. Putting in Work

              21. Stuffing the Turkey

              22. Putting the Pig in the Blanket

              23. Cushion Pushing

              *photo by Heathre


              SkylersDad said...

              making the 2 backed beast.
              getting some.
              getting lucky.
              rock the house.
              bumpin uglies.
              doin the deed.
              gettin busy.
              goin at it.
              horizontal bob or mambo.
              hittin skins.
              organ grinding.
              laying track.
              plowing field.
              the old heave ho.
              play hide the cannoli.
              a squeeze and a squirt.
              batter dip the corn dog.
              taking the skin boat to tuna town.
              fill the cream donut.
              pour sour cream on the burrito.

              and my personnel fav:
              take “old one-eye” to the optometrist

              WhiteSockGirl said...

              Ah, all the good one are taken!

              Stuff my muffin
              Eat my sausage
              Lick my nuts
              Fill my void
              Turn my eggs

              Bitter Sweet Moments said...

              I think you got all the good ones:) Stopping by from SITS!!

              Spirit Jump said...

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              The Redhead Riter said...

              Making Love
              Sliding Into Home
              Making Whoopie
              Birds and The Bees
              Hide the Love Pump
              The Horizantal Love Jig
              Beaver Bash
              Doing It
              The Nasty
              Getting Your Freak On
              Giddy Up

              Visiting from SITS.

              Melissa said...

              ahhh man, all the hilarious ones a done and it's too late in the day for me to be creative and funny :) I'm gonna use some of these on my hubby tonight!

              Stopping by from SITS, staying cause you're hilarious

              Debbie said...

              I'm thinking you and the other commenters have covered every possible saying! Funny.

              Lelali Di said...

              Ha this is awesome!

              I know it as
              The Horizontal Tango
              Going down

              Here's some from Van Wilder:
              Muff Diving
              Smack clam
              Munch rug
              Dine at a pink taco stand
              Park the porpoise
              Take it to the car wash
              Medulla oblongata
              Give me some sugar

              Go batting
              Snake in the Garden

              Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

              wow never knew there were so many ways to express the want for LOOOVE.
              Stoppin by from SITS to say hello!
              Today is Thumbnail Thursday over at my blog. Come check it out :)


              otherworldlyone said...

              Damn it! I got here too late to come up with great ones! I'll give it a go anyway...

              Horizontal hustle
              Stuffing the taco
              Meat Grinding
              Sqatting on it
              Four legged frolic
              Sexy time
              Banana split

              Ok...I'm done.

              WhiteSockGirl said...

              Let me try again,... haha,.. I am desperate for that prize

              Water my plant
              Cook my sausage
              Slip and slide
              Test my water levels
              Release the water
              Push and pull
              hide and seek
              Dip the sausage
              Dirty Dancing
              Ice the cake

              The Peach Tart said...

              you've got some creative comments here...I learned some new ones