Saturday, July 18

Sexy Saturday Video

I'll admit these days my weekends have been more for working than playing ;)
So this Saturday if you're slaving away like me, I give you permission to take a break and watch Chris Isaak's sinfully dreamy 'Wicked Game'.

Better yet, grab a cold beer first, press play and then wait for the tight shots.
I swear they'll make you feel like a perve watching from the corner.


JenJen said...

Well Hell.

LiLu said...

Thank you for that. :-)

Lelali Di said...

very sexy!

The Peach Tart said...

Haven't seen this in years. I love Chris and this is one of the sexiest videos ever.

jlc said...

so him in concert last weekend!!! ouuu look for an upcoming post with him singing this Live!