Saturday, August 20

Sexy Saturday Video

I'm feeling you.

Roll Bounce.

This Chet Faker video digs into me, vibing with me walking into a room and being on the lookout for you.  We barely know one another, that is to say, you dont' really know I exist.  I'm just a face you see occasionally in a crowd. But you do, for me, and that's all I need to fantasize about the electricity I'd make if I just reached out and touched you. But first I need to flaunt it, to make you see the girl in the room strutting just for you.

Do you feel what I'm putting out there?  Yeah, that's all for you. 

Saturday, April 16

Sexy Saturday Video

It's 4 minutes of the cutest foreplay, a paced opening that quickly leads up to explosive moments of rushing together and merging. There are lusty looks that turn into excited discovery. Followed by lip pressing, playful tugs, dipping tongues, neck caressing, hair pulling, and sated embraces.

Was it good for you?

Saturday, April 9

Men of a Certain Age

I don’t believe in fishing in another woman’s pond.
By that I mean, I won't' date anyone more than 10 years older or younger than myself.  Any guy over or under my 10 ten year barrier, by default, belongs to a woman in his age bracket.

I know what you'll say, age is nothing but a number.  I'm not going to argue that right now because that's a whole other article. I believe in what I like to refer to as an ‘Age Sisterhood’.  It's already difficult for women to find good men and even harder for her to find that guy within a normal or level age difference. For that reason alone, I won't go fishing guys out of her pond.

Having said that, it's time for me to get off my precious little soap box. Only I find I've got one foot still on it. It's being a little stubborn. It doesn't want to make me out to be a hypocrite, but it's stuck in a bit of a quandary. Said quandary arrives in the form of a sexy older man – much sexier than this girl is used to coming across.

Who knows when gears shift down below?  There's no record of me being particularly attracted to older guys. Only as of late, I've been developing this thing for older men. Not just any older guy, though – so don't go rushing the table yet, Gramps. It's a select few, an aged rare cheese kind of guy.  I realize these comparisons are doing crap to justify my position.  Too late to the refresh button on this one.

Some part of me is subconsciously trying slap this truth from my mouth like bad rest stop sushi. So, I'm attracted to older men -- not the end of the world.  Want to know who makes my sexy older guy list? Yeah, I bet you do. There isn't a gaggle of them, just a few:

Keanu Reeves, Jeff Goldblum, Brad Pitt (shocks right?! But he does make the AARP list), Sam Elliot, Idris Elba (doesn't break my age barrier, I just wanted him on this list), Ken Watanabe, Mikhail Baryshnikov and lately 'the guy'.

Let me just say that again - well, more like, let me type that name again. Mikhail Baryshnikov. Just that sound of his name running through my head makes me sigh aloud.

Ok, back to ‘the guy’.  Sorry dears, can't use names because I see the guy on 'the reg'. He was simply a guy, a sweet guy that I enjoyed seeing and chilling with. Then a summer day showed up - a gloriously tinted warm day.  He stepped out of a vintage GTO, looking like a Rag & Bone model.

I.e. like this Rag & Bone ad featuring none other than M.B. looking seasoned and tasty. Moving his body in ways a man of his age shouldn't be able to tempt a young thing with. There was a reason why Carrie just referred to him as The Russian - because she needed some friggin sexy sounding name to match what he was putting out!

How many years older do they have to be to be stuck behind my moral barrier? 10+.

None of that mattered to my lady parts when I saw him, though. The scene was like a game show. It's The Price is Right in my panties - the excitement of meeting the host makes the buzzer go off and the contestants go berserk coming down the aisle. I swear - the entire time we were making with the pleasantries, it was like my vagina became a beacon and I shamefully thought everyone could see me struggling to keep my lewd lusty's in control.

Lest you think me vain, I need to interject with the why of it.  That's the million dollar question.  Is it the emotional maturity they possess that draws me in? All the wisdom that somehow frames itself so handsomely in the lines of their face and in the gray of their hair?

Certain men are weathered in the most interesting ways. They retain a feeling that their age is simply a digit and not a meter running out of time. There emit something that draws women in - not a certain type of woman - just her entire sex.  How does a woman see that and not at least taste it?

Lucky for me, I still know how to look and not touch.

Sexy Saturday Video

It's so simple. A girl, longingly holding onto a microphone for dear life, all her wanting being delivered over a steady gut wrenching beat that culminates into intellectually tragic and lovesick lines:

"Wait, they don't love you like I love you. They don't love you like I love you. Maps. Wait, they don't love you like I love you."

That moment at 2:45 when she stops singing - it's just eyes on her and the anguish she's emoting. And that's what makes MAPS as vulnerable, raw and sexy as any intimate moment between a boy & a girl.


Saturday, April 2

Sexy Saturday Video

I'm by no means saying you should find Lorde sexy -- maybe you do, and hey, that's ok. She's a bit young & female for my taste.

What I am saying is that this song melts over you like a prowl.  Every slow and steady upbeat is meant to empower you to go after what you want. For the next 3 minutes, you are not the prey...