Saturday, November 14

Sexy Saturday Video - 99th Post

Today is dank and grey in Philly.
And that's got me feeling pretty moody which is why I chose this video.

DJ Shadow's 'Six Days' is complicated downplayed sexiness with it's interlaced sulky beats.

My new project has kept me from updating as often as I'd like, but the next post will be my 100th!

And to say thank you for all the love you've given me over the past year, I'm gonna be giving away 7 (I like odd numbers) Politics Of Love Soundtrack CDs.

If you've stuck around long enough you know that I've dedicated several blogs to TPOL's favorite songs

So if you want one make sure to mention it in the comment section between today's post and the 100th coming on Monday! The first seven to say "Hit It To My Hot Spot" ...well that's what I'm gonna do. :)


JenJen said...

Hit it to my hot spot


WhiteSockGirl said...

OH, that was hot. Cold cold drink for me now.

"Hit It To My Hot Spot"

Politics of Love Chick said...

oooh you guys were on it!
Email me your address and it'll be on it's way.

j-face said...

ummm..... i need it. or hit me?

j-face said...

dang it.. hit it to my hot spot. yes, that hot spot.