Thursday, April 30

Tell Me What You Eat

Wow, I really don't maintain this blog very well do I?
But I'm back!
I started writing a book about relationships...blah blah blah.
It'll be out soon I hope but in the meantime I want to start this blog out fresh with new topics and confessions and I want everyone to join in and make it the hot spot to come to and talk it out.

I've been thinking about Fruit Salad lately - wait...hear me out.
Eating can be a very sensual experience, particularly if you pay attention to when you are doing it.

The weather has been getting warmer and coincidentally so have I. Springtime puts my flirt into action, I'm definitely more aware of my senses and my body. My reaction to fruit salad is one of my favorite spring/summer affairs. I wait patiently and anxiously for the winter to pass and for the fruit to ripen. I rise early on Saturday mornings, grab my shopping bag and head for the farmer's market. There's something about being outside and smelling the aroma of the fruits that gives me the vapors - and they can knock you out!
I pick Pears because they have that grainy texture that feels rough across my tongue.
Mango's because they're sweet and when you cut a particularly ripe one it's juices run down your arm - plus its pulpy flesh feels smooth in my hand.
Strawberries - well they need no explanation do they?
Kiwi for a tangy and sweet combo that makes my mouth pucker.
Pineapple because I enjoy the vibrant color and when i bite into a piece I enjoy the way the fruit sometimes comes off in strands - it's such a visual payoff.
Watermelon for that lush sound that comes from biting into a juicy piece.
Mixed together the colors and the smells make me think that good and healthy food not unlike a good partner can be awaken your all your senses.

Now I'll be the first to admit that when food starts doing this to you, maybe it's a warning sign. Maybe, there's a void in your love life and you're looking to fill it. Or maybe you just lust after good fruit. I think it's entirely possible that your desires could be sublimated and you're acting them out in another way. Hence my feeling energized, awakened and satisfied once I've eaten the fruit salad. Is it possible that not having a way to exert your sexual energy can cause you to eat food instead of embracing your sexual feelings?

What turns you on?

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