Tuesday, August 14

Weird Thought of the Day

I've done my fair share of traveling, I've always traveled with friends and family but never with someone I was seeing romantically. Now I find myself wondering how that experience might be.
For the first time in my life I'm wondering about how sharing this bigger part of my life will effect me. In the past it seemed a distraction to take a boyfriend traveling; I already had travel partners, we had similiar likes & tastes. Better yet we had goals, I'd grown up with these people dreaming about what sights we'd see and journeys we'd master before settling down.
I'm a bit scared that we won't mesh, that the close proximity that goes hand-in-hand with most journeying might bring to light all the unpleasant qualities we're bound to have. Sharing similiar interest with your travel partners can make for an enjoyable trip, whereas long spans of travel with partners with opposite interest can really have a lasting effect on any relationships for better or worse.
I'm worried that I find out that too much about them doesn't mesh with my personality and that that will be the beginning of the end. Therefore, I'm hesitant to go anywhere for longer than a weekend jaunt.

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