Friday, August 3

French Milk

Oh so wonderful...the weekend is here!

So here's the plan - I'm gonna film an intro for the website. Oh that reminds me, Check Out my new opening page - I'm a sucker for Alice in Wonderland. So much wordplay, hidden sexuality and of course drug use (lol). With that in mind let me tell you about the new book I've been reading, French Milk. It's a new comic journal about Lucy Knisley, who spent a month in a apartment in Paris with her mother; enter more sexuality, new adult awakenings and really accurate descriptions of Paris living. You should definitely go to the bookstore and find it.

Funny...just got a text 'Hello' from my A&F guy, who apparently thought it would be cute to text me from 'Hooters'. Ah...wings, beer and breasts. It does actually sound heavenly so I'm not gonna judge.

Ok babies, I'm multi-tasking - shopping Ebay - finally gonna purchase that Adult Alice in Wonderland outfit ;)

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