Tuesday, July 31

What Turns You On?

OK, so perhaps you've noticed I've been away for awhile. Other than being wrapped up in the last Harry Potter book, work has been a crazed. Therefore I'm not getting to film in Philly till this Friday, the 3rd. Sorry babies, I know I said today, but I haven't even composed the article for this week yet!

If I haven't expressed it before, let me say it again, I love doing the Video Clips - meeting all you fantasically open people. So this week I'm going to pry and find out what fetishes people are holding onto to. What turns you on? Feet, smells, lingerie...?

Personally, I'm turned on my words - no, I'm not ashamed of such a nerdy turn-on - not if you're wooing me with similes and metaphors, not if you're talking about words encompassing more than four syllables; I go weak at the knees. I don't care! One of the sexiest words in the dictionary? Concupiscence... Mmmmmm. I can just see the clothes peeling off...

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