Wednesday, July 18

So Fresh and So NEW NEW

Well, Well, My Babies... I've updated the Archives section so that it's a little easier to navigate now.

And I promised an update on the blind date second date didn't I? Can I just be honest and say that I'm still in a bit of shock...he's nice; average and nice. Now, I'm not using average in a bad sense - its just I always imagined myself with someone artistic and uniquely different in some spectacular way. So if I allow myself to get involved with someone who I perceive doesn't fit that bill is that settling or just being realistic and open to a different point-of-view? Don't lie and tell me that you don't often feel the same way. Nevertheless, I agreed to a third date. I agreed to another meeting - that amazes me to no end. But he's sent me daily texts to say hello, sweet emails during the week - and honestly, I can't come up with a good enough excuse on why this guy shouldn't have a fair shot. It's not a crime to shop at Ambercrombie & Fitch or to (ugh) wear man sandals...

Enough picking at him - back to business. I'm loving the emails being sent to me from the 'Leave Some of You' section of the site!! You guys are voicing what you think the next article should be about and leaving pretty intriguing relationship questions in my inbox and I've been responding to everyone. Keep em' coming!

I think we'll be filming in Philly this weekend - Look out here I come!

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