Monday, July 9

Iced Coffee & Queens!

MMWAH! That's to all the sweeties who stopped and talked with us on Saturday in NY!

Kay and I trekked from the Seaport to Times Square looking for those unfraid to spill their secrets in front of my tiny little video cam...some just couldn't hack it and others just went for it. I can't wait to post the footage on friday.

Just when we thought we were done and on our way to see 'Phantom' - yes that's right, I like theater, I went to see Phantom (ps. wasn't that great, but its one of the biggies that you just can't ignore-shame on any broadway babies not checking out the classics.) Oops, I digress...ANYWAY, just when we thought we were done stopping people I SPOTTED THEM, three glorious queens! Yes that's right boys, I'm talking about you! They were freaking funny and down to earth, so make sure you come back friday to see them dish on one another.

Unfortunately you won't see the Starbucks cutie I spied over my iced coffee-to shy to film-hopefully not to shy to email and give us a Hall Of Shame interview.

Oh, I almost forgot about my first guy, the first one to agree to be filmed, a Friends with Benefits wet dream cause he's caught in the game. How many guys do you see falling for the FB? I know, I know...hardly any. If you wanna hear his story you'll have to wait till friday. Until then!

Wait! Stop ignoring the Mailing List! Tell us who you are! No more vague emails people! I wanna hear your dirt!

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