Monday, July 16

Men on the Brain

When I was younger my dream men used to be Jon Cryer, a.k.a, Duckie from Pretty in Pink, Elvis Costello, Jeff Goldblum, Jon Cusack and David Bowie. If you were a misfit, misunderstood, or slightly odd, and nerdy yet prolific then I wanted to smear my tinker bell lip gloss all over you.

Now don’t get me wrong, I watched Charles in Charge because of Scott Baio and I definitely saw every movie the Corey’s were in – but they just didn’t do it for me.
I still have the hots for Goldblum and Bowie. Cusack could give me a call any day. What I realize is that along the way to adulthood I lost sight of reasons why they were so attractive to me.

Instead of searching for the unique I started drooling over the obviously cute and let’s face it the obvious is never really the most interesting. They lack the sort of personality that maintains appeal. You grow older and you begin to realize that in the grand scheme of things ‘looks’ isn’t everything. I realize now that I was on to something in my young age.

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