Friday, July 13

Blind Date

I'm so excited - it's Friday and you get to see the new video clips! And I also get to tell you about my blind date yesterday...if you can call it that. Is it fair to say that if you've known of the person for awhile but never actually met them face-to-face?

So I was a little stunned-he was your typical 'guy at Dave Matthew's Concert' only thing missing was the plasic red cup of beer. I could tell from the look on his face that I wasn't what he'd pictured either. Was that a bad thing? not necessarily, we're going out for drinks tonight. But he is my anti-guy - you know the one personality you never really imagined yourself giving a chance. But at this juncture in life I'm realizing that the guys you think you have figured out are never what they appear to be. And if I'm using that in a negative way, doesn't it sound like it could be construed as a positive thing as well? Maybe he'll surprise me.

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