Friday, July 20

Who Doesn't Love A Good Mix Tape?

There's nothing better than the Summer Time, except maybe a great mixtape for a weekend car ride. But for all of us stuck at a desk during beautiful weather that can be a bit difficult.

So this week I've started a Politics Mix Tape Section...Yeah, that means I'm laying down the music I wanna hear! Seriously though, if you've got a good compliation, send me the list and I'll try and feature it. Don't forget to Theme it people!

That brings me to another great project, the InternationalMixTapeProject. People from 'all around the world' (duh) participate by sending a personal mix tape to their monthly assigned buddy, and in return someone out there in the cosmos gets you as their assignment and BAM! you've got new music at your doorstep each month. You just never know what you're going to get - that's the best part, it's a musical journey without a known destination. This fly guy named Ryan runs it - Check it out at

Bye Babies!

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