Monday, July 2

In the Land of Texting, he said..."

I'm so pumped on myself right now. Forgive me my human weakness...

It's not right to be non-humble about oneself. But I just got a text from the guy who says "I need space." "Right now I just can't give of myself." And from that text sprung the instant gratification of knowing that you arent as forgettable as you may have previously thought. Without shame, I admit that I'm going to enjoy having the upper hand in this situation.

It's been two weeks since his moody departure...yet somehow he expects that with one text, that with one single "HI" all the time in between should somehow melt away and I should suddenly become available again.

Nice try. Had this been his first 'space needing adventure' then maybe. But after a handfull of 'tomorrow's' this girl is determined not to be the fool again.
So tell me, how would you handle this situation?

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