Tuesday, May 26

Travel Edition of Politics Walking--Video Talking: French Men Vs. American Men

While I recover from this weekend's debauchery (booze, boys, sun, seafood and the shameful, shameful viewing of a 'Jon&Kate plus 8' marathon) I'll leave for you with a new video clip.

I was in Paris a little while ago consuming large amounts of food & red wine (which I'd like to blame for the giggling you'll hear, but if you've watched past video's you know that's really just my nervous sex/love talk thang). I decided to whip out the video cam and interview some locals for the blog - things got really interesting, it'll take a while to share them all. But let's start off with this one; here I am by the Eiffel Tower talking to two French Women about their thoughts on American men (BTW, yes, she does say "they hit women").

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Mr. Condescending said...

haha I love shit like that! do more!