Saturday, September 5

Sexy Saturday Video

We're going International this Saturday.
This is Tarkan, Turkey's biggest Pop Artist.

Look at those eyes. In this video, you literally spend 3 mins just watching him bare chested, drink water and eat fruit.

And this is why I love him in spite of the eyeliner. Gone with the sensitive stuff - at 1:20 of the video he turns into the "I will stick my tongue down your throat and lift my shirt up to show you my rock hard abs" Tarkan that I've grown to love over the years. He's so known for his sexy dancing that finger cymbals were actually sold with his cd's in Turkey.

God Bless Turkey.


LinLori said...

Oh, my. God bless Turkey, indeed.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Wow, the EYES!


Didn't Turkey ALSO produce that "I KISS YOU" guy with the Borat moustache a few years ago? :) I suppose Tarkan is the balance for that.

PoliticsChick said...

Hey Lin,

Thanks for dropping by - isn't he just the sexiest thing ever...

Veggie A,

I love reading your comments. lol.
It's all about balance, one cancels out the other. I think he should get extra pts for those killer abs alone.