Saturday, September 12

Sexy Saturday Video

I know, I know
I've been incredibly selfish with this month's SSV's.
So I'm going to indulge myself this one last time and then give you
the goods from now on.

I'm a sucker for cute Desi guys - Raghav is no exception.
You can usually find me in the front row his of New York shows trynna make eye contact. Sigh...

Raghav if you're reading this, "Tum mere sath bahar jana hogi?"

Ok, back to it...I command you.


Mr. Condescending said...

I don't wanna see some guy flapping around! :P

WhiteSockGirl said...

Ok, Ok, almost sexy. I think the girl is hot, I can do some girl crush on her.

Him,.. no, no too clean and soft for my liking. I prefer raunchy, hot bad boys.

rubbish said...

Sent you the DVD's, they should take 5-6 working days so you should get them late next week. I included a couple that I cannot play because they have regional settings on them. If you don't want them give them to someone.
All the best.

PoliticsChick said...

Mr. C - Ok, I hear you. :) More women gyrating around next week! I'm done indulging my own lusting.

WhiteSockGirl - Almost sexy?! Yeah, I should have known he wasn't filthy enough for you. What can I say? You're gonna make me try harder to delight you next week.

Rubbish - Thanks so much! Tell ya what, how about I watch them and pass them on. Let's see how many other people we can indoctrinate with Shameless.

Surge said...

i'm likin the girl with the afro..

Secretia Teller said...

I liked the video, post some more please.


Politics of Love Chick said...


Every Saturday coming straight atcha!