Friday, October 30

Black Leather Lust

It's almost midnight and I can't stop looking at them...

So many other things I could be doing like finishing up 'Psycho', it's coming on TCM and I've never seen it all the way thru.

I still have a half finished beer that needs finishing.

But they keep calling me, they want me to put them on again. And so I will.

Cause they're just that hot,

Cause they make me wanna do bad things,

Cause they make my legs look so sexy I can't stop touching them,

Cause I think they want someone to feel me up

So I'm gonna take the dress out the back of the closet - you know the one right? The one you buy cause it looks so good on you but you never wear cause it's too hot for an ordinary go out and now you're just a little apprehensive about showing that much skin. yeah, the goth spot is open till four and I'm in the mood for a little NIN and alot of lusting leering (cause that's all that ever really happens).

They'll go perfect with my new crop and I can already see it sitting on the bar next to my drink - the sight of which should start some interesting conversations.

Or I could just throw on the ex's shirt and make the midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and be a sexy Janet in black leather heels.

I gotta do something, they're itching to go out. And I'm sure the night will end the same way; a little buzzed and a tumble into bed with a slight grin. What more could I ask for? A little trouble maybe?

No matter what happens I've got my alibi all ready "The shoes made me do it".


SkylersDad said...

I never knew shoes held such power! I hope you had fun.

WhiteSockGirl said...

Be bad, just be very bad. Cause you have a reason. And you can't be good in those babies, they are just too fab to be wasted on goodie actions.

JenJen said...

Shoes do hold power SkylersDad! They soooo do.
I agree with WhiteSockGirl--don't wast them on goodie actions, my friend.
Go unleash your inner badass, baby.

Politics of Love Chick said...

Had a great time last night, slept it off until LOL

Mr. Condescending said...


otherworldlyone said...

Hells yeah! Those are definitely FMPs. Love it.