Saturday, October 10

Sexy Saturday Video

I don't care what you think,
Annie's red hair + her stance + a man's suit + the crop = Sexy.
I remember the 1st time I saw this and thinking "Can women really be this cool?" Hell yeah!


rubbish said...

Great song.
Watched any of shameless yet?

SkylersDad said...

Remember when she rocked the Elvis look?

ladytruth said...

She was the first woman I remember (apart from Julia Roberts in 'My best friend's wedding) that could make a suit seem sexy enough to wear. She wore it with power and confidence and I still adore that woman. Great choice :)

The Peach Tart said...

Annie totally rocks.

otherworldlyone said...

Videos are great and all...put what are you doing huh? Or is it who? Someones been BUSYYYYY! ;)

The Redhead Riter said...

Now how can red hair not be sexy? LOL LOL LOL

plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Uch, she looks like The Joker.
Great song though. Nice blogging.

Politics of Love Chick said...

Rubbish - I'm so done and looking for the next recipient. thanks!

SD - did I forget that look?

LT- thanks...and forget Julia Roberts, do you remember Daryl Hannah in the suit in SPLASH?

PT- agreed!

OWO - I'm BACK!!!! SHAZAM!!!

TRR- you're so biased!!! LOL

Plenty - thanks for dropping by. I'll def check out your site.