Saturday, June 13

Sexy Saturday Video

Cause it's Saturday and you shouldn't be here reading this.  You should be out having fun and creating havoc.

But if you are stuck inside then you deserve a little flirty fun, a little lusty loving.

So enjoy your Sexy Saturday Video.

Catch ya Monday ;)


Jeff said...

1. there are way too many people in this pool area. and none of them are swimming.
2. is kylie's swimsuit is like a grandma swimsuit with the skirt, but its made out of the material sleeping bags and tents come from.
3. its still hot; how is that possible?

The Politic's Chick said...

Oh Jeff,

I have no real understanding of why this song & video get me so worked up. I think it's the beat and the allure of things to come...

Even though Kylie's wearing that tent as you say, there's no overlooking that superb figure of hers - and all those open legs for that matter. ;)

Jeff said...

not hardly the locomotion though :-)

The Politic's Chick said...

LOL. I saw the little bit of rhythm but what happened the "lot of soul"?