Saturday, June 20

The Sexy Saturday Video

It's Saturday and you shouldn't be here reading this, you should be having fun and creating havoc. But if you are stuck inside, watch the Sexy Saturday Video - it'll make you feel better.


Because even if you don't understand Spanish they still sound sexy as hell.
Because that's freaking Alejandro Sanz in the video!
Because the Reggaeton versions are always dirtier.
Because everyone knows she's hot - even I have to admit that if I met Shakira and thought about her sliding across the table simultaneously, I'd start to stutter...

Catch ya Monday ;)


Jeff said...

on saturday mornings, when you're trying to find videos to post, what are your keywords in the youtube search?

The Politic's Chick said...


I have to admit, I'm not home Saturday mornings. I set the post up Friday afternoon and schedule them to come out Sat afternoon.

As far as keywords...sorry, there are none. The videos I choose are really just ones that make me - well you know ;) And thats a feeling you just don't forget.