Friday, September 21

Delta of Venus

I'm feeling quite creatively woman today and that can only mean one's time to re read some Nin. If you're not familiar with Anais, here's an excerpt of her famous journal writings

"The kiss in the taxi is the kiss which remains in the memory as perpetually unfinished and to be sought out again, for as the taxi moves it gives to the moment that physical proof of insecurity and ephemeralness of adventure, over swift, arousing resonances which cease at the first stop, the taste upon one's lips is a quick, deep lacination arrested by the sudden stop of the machine. The interference of the traffic is the recall to reality. Eyes out of the crowd rummage into the taxi to catch that flash of vertigo, that open mouth, the drunken look in the eyes. The street lights are the searchlights, opening crude ways into the smokey clouds of cigarette smoke, breath and perfume. And now the taxi is rolling again, the kiss is broken by fear of its termination. When the taxi stops, the adventure is broken. One steps on the pavement with a sound of a body falling from heaven."

And now I'm obsessed with this website - not that you haven't heard it mentioned before I'm sure, but have you visited this 'sin'fully wonderful bit of spice. Once you read Anais you really need the clothing the match the mood.

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