Monday, September 17

Gin &Tonic

It's so embarrassing, but for the past week and a half I have gone to bed with at least one drink; Gin & Tonic or Rum & Coke.

Being an adult is difficult to say the least and responsibility has just about worn me out. It's one thing after another - looking after your credit, paying the bills, making the money, planning future enhancements, finding love, maintaining relationships, etc...

Right now I'm doing all those while trying to finish the book I've spent more than two years writing and not writing. Yet at night I can't help but wish all this were mapped out already and the task of completing it all had been taken care of. That drink instead of being taken to bed with just me, might just be taken to a bed filled with the relaxing contentment of achievement (and a man).

Enough angst and boo-hooing. How are you?

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