Wednesday, September 5

In A Fog

I am literally 'zombie' like today. Thanks to my own drug choices of Allegra and Benadryl - a not so smart combination to cure my sinus problems. In my defense the Allegra was not drying up that nasty post nasal drip - yeah, yeah, I know its a yucky think to speak of- the benadryl took care of it in a matter of hours and finally sweet sleep started washing over me, only to wake up this morning feeling like I was an extra in Night of the Living Dead.

This past weekend, I took my niece to Sesame Place. Yup, kids galore, running around on sugar highs, crying jags, and temper tantrums. Any motherly instinct I might have had was frozen in fear on Monday. Oh don't get me wrong, kids can be amusing and down right cute - lets not forget about the unconditional love they tend to dole out. But didn't I want to reach out and grab the kids who ran over my feet, shoved past me in line, and those two little girls with the grabable hair that knocked over our Big Bird lunch pails - those meals cost $8 bucks a pop. So for the day
I was a rock star as far as my niece was concerned, I'm the cool aunt... but I could have easily been thrown out for busting up a couple of kids- and that's just a little scary. Not exactly a motherly thought is it?

I was redeemed however when the mother in the bathroom stall next to me called out to her run away son (he'd slipped under the door and was running around the bathroom) three times and had her request for him to come back ignored each time finally murmured under her breath "you little shit". If that's acceptable I may not be so bad after all.

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