Friday, September 28

Yeah, I Said It

Bitch is a term for the female of a canine species in general. It is also frequently used as an offensive term for a woman, taken to mean that she is malicious, spiteful, domineering, intrusive, or unpleasant. This second meaning has been in use since around 1400.

I really felt the need to define this word before I go off on my tangent today. I don't want anyone acting like I'm just misusing it or trying to deliberately be offensive. You get so used to guys screwing things up that you forget that women can be just as petty and catty. Why do certain women/girls have to go there? Why do they have to mess up good men before a good woman can get to them?

This only pertains to the women who make this word come to the edge of your mouth. I just figured they must have forgotten the definition of this word, since they insist on acting like one. Have some respect.

I have one final definition to leave you with...
A relationship breakup refers to the ending of a relationship, typically a romantic one. A breakup can vary between emotionally traumatic to consensual for those involved, especially if romantic love is involved.

Breakups can occur for numerous reasons such as conflicts in personality, lifestyle changes, or attraction to a different partner. Breaking up with someone is also commonly referred to as "dumping" (Though dumping is commonly used in situations where one person has feelings for one that are quite strong, but the other dosen't generally feel the same way, as in "Borice was dumped". However, due to the negative connotations of 'dumping', many who have consensually ended a relationship choose not to describe it thus. Furthermore relationships that are ended through "dumping" usually also end the friendship, however relationships ended mutually more often become friendships. –Thank you Wikipedia

Ok, so I want to be fair about emotions, ‘Emotionally Traumatic’, it said. What realm that extends into for you, I don’t know. I agree, when someone dumps you, the need to be chummy is gone. But why think that making their life miserable is going to change anything? Why waste any moment of your life on them? Everything is hard to hear when it envolves someone saying, no matter how nice, that they don’t want you. Yet I can’t help but wonder why one couldn’t be civil about it. The games won't help you move on.

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