Thursday, August 6

Politics Of Love in Paris Video Blog- French Girls Vs. American Girls

It starts getting really windy around 0:35 so here’s your translation…

Ted: there was this one girl I noticed on the Metro the entire way and I couldn’t stop looking at her…the girls here are unbelievable.

PC: Any difference between the French Girls and the American Girls?

Ted: I think French Girls…they don’t try to show off. I think that’s the biggest difference these girls are absolutely fantastic!

PC: they have a lot of confidence, don’t they?

Ted: Oh yeah…

Alex: They have this kind of attitude…they’re so laid back – real easy going, ya know? And…ah, it’s different. Like in the States people are really guarded, cold and conservative. Girls…people are a lot warmer here.

PC: Wow, not a lot of good things being said about American girls at all.

Ted: No, we don’t like American women

Alex: Where are you going from here?

PC: We’re going to go try and find some guys that actually like American girls

Alex: Sorry to disappoint.


otherworldlyone said...

Well damn!

Lelali Di said...

I was talking to some Spanish guys in Spain and they like American girls better because we like to make out. They kept hitting on the American girls, because they said Spanish girls just blow them off and American girls are more open to flirting. I kind of think it's because we're on vacation that we act that way. I certainly had my little make out session with a Spanish guy.

jlc said...

this is so true!!! and i'm an american. but i try to boast the french confidence!! haha... love it!