Saturday, August 1

Sexy Saturday Video

All I need say is the Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair recounted in an interview how he nearly fell off his treadmill when this video came on. And we all know the British are smuttier than they want to let on...but come on, who are they kidding we've all seen 'those' BBC shows. So if it knocked his socks off, I think it's good enough for us.


SkylersDad said...

i still have this stored away on my hard drive someplace.

Just can't get over that butt, yes I am a butt man.

SkylersDad said...

By the way, I just put up a post thanking you for the award. You didn't leave a return address, so I could mail you a thank you or anything.

Very good, you have defeated my first phase of stalker...

Well played.