Tuesday, July 31

What Turns You On?

OK, so perhaps you've noticed I've been away for awhile. Other than being wrapped up in the last Harry Potter book, work has been a crazed. Therefore I'm not getting to film in Philly till this Friday, the 3rd. Sorry babies, I know I said today, but I haven't even composed the article for this week yet!

If I haven't expressed it before, let me say it again, I love doing the Video Clips - meeting all you fantasically open people. So this week I'm going to pry and find out what fetishes people are holding onto to. What turns you on? Feet, smells, lingerie...?

Personally, I'm turned on my words - no, I'm not ashamed of such a nerdy turn-on - not if you're wooing me with similes and metaphors, not if you're talking about words encompassing more than four syllables; I go weak at the knees. I don't care! One of the sexiest words in the dictionary? Concupiscence... Mmmmmm. I can just see the clothes peeling off...

Friday, July 20

Who Doesn't Love A Good Mix Tape?

There's nothing better than the Summer Time, except maybe a great mixtape for a weekend car ride. But for all of us stuck at a desk during beautiful weather that can be a bit difficult.

So this week I've started a Politics Mix Tape Section...Yeah, that means I'm laying down the music I wanna hear! Seriously though, if you've got a good compliation, send me the list and I'll try and feature it. Don't forget to Theme it people!

That brings me to another great project, the InternationalMixTapeProject. People from 'all around the world' (duh) participate by sending a personal mix tape to their monthly assigned buddy, and in return someone out there in the cosmos gets you as their assignment and BAM! you've got new music at your doorstep each month. You just never know what you're going to get - that's the best part, it's a musical journey without a known destination. This fly guy named Ryan runs it - Check it out at http://www.internationalmixtapeproject.com/

Bye Babies!

Wednesday, July 18

So Fresh and So NEW NEW

Well, Well, My Babies... I've updated the Archives section so that it's a little easier to navigate now.

And I promised an update on the blind date second date didn't I? Can I just be honest and say that I'm still in a bit of shock...he's nice; average and nice. Now, I'm not using average in a bad sense - its just I always imagined myself with someone artistic and uniquely different in some spectacular way. So if I allow myself to get involved with someone who I perceive doesn't fit that bill is that settling or just being realistic and open to a different point-of-view? Don't lie and tell me that you don't often feel the same way. Nevertheless, I agreed to a third date. I agreed to another meeting - that amazes me to no end. But he's sent me daily texts to say hello, sweet emails during the week - and honestly, I can't come up with a good enough excuse on why this guy shouldn't have a fair shot. It's not a crime to shop at Ambercrombie & Fitch or to (ugh) wear man sandals...

Enough picking at him - back to business. I'm loving the emails being sent to me from the 'Leave Some of You' section of the site!! You guys are voicing what you think the next article should be about and leaving pretty intriguing relationship questions in my inbox and I've been responding to everyone. Keep em' coming!

I think we'll be filming in Philly this weekend - Look out here I come!

Monday, July 16

Oh Boy!

Goodness, the numbers for the site have been fantastic over the past few weekends! You know what that means? Somewhere out there are people logging into my site on Sat & Sun before or after those drinks, dates and states of vegetation in front of the tv. GOOD LORD, the Politics is getting popular. LOL

It's ten mins to quitting time here at the ol' nine-to-five. Am I the only one waiting for their 'real' career to pay off so you'll never have to return to a desk again?

Tell you about my second date with A&F guy tomorrow, gotta run!

Men on the Brain

When I was younger my dream men used to be Jon Cryer, a.k.a, Duckie from Pretty in Pink, Elvis Costello, Jeff Goldblum, Jon Cusack and David Bowie. If you were a misfit, misunderstood, or slightly odd, and nerdy yet prolific then I wanted to smear my tinker bell lip gloss all over you.

Now don’t get me wrong, I watched Charles in Charge because of Scott Baio and I definitely saw every movie the Corey’s were in – but they just didn’t do it for me.
I still have the hots for Goldblum and Bowie. Cusack could give me a call any day. What I realize is that along the way to adulthood I lost sight of reasons why they were so attractive to me.

Instead of searching for the unique I started drooling over the obviously cute and let’s face it the obvious is never really the most interesting. They lack the sort of personality that maintains appeal. You grow older and you begin to realize that in the grand scheme of things ‘looks’ isn’t everything. I realize now that I was on to something in my young age.

Friday, July 13

Blind Date

I'm so excited - it's Friday and you get to see the new video clips! And I also get to tell you about my blind date yesterday...if you can call it that. Is it fair to say that if you've known of the person for awhile but never actually met them face-to-face?

So I was a little stunned-he was your typical 'guy at Dave Matthew's Concert' only thing missing was the plasic red cup of beer. I could tell from the look on his face that I wasn't what he'd pictured either. Was that a bad thing? not necessarily, we're going out for drinks tonight. But he is my anti-guy - you know the one personality you never really imagined yourself giving a chance. But at this juncture in life I'm realizing that the guys you think you have figured out are never what they appear to be. And if I'm using that in a negative way, doesn't it sound like it could be construed as a positive thing as well? Maybe he'll surprise me.

Monday, July 9

Iced Coffee & Queens!

MMWAH! That's to all the sweeties who stopped and talked with us on Saturday in NY!

Kay and I trekked from the Seaport to Times Square looking for those unfraid to spill their secrets in front of my tiny little video cam...some just couldn't hack it and others just went for it. I can't wait to post the footage on friday.

Just when we thought we were done and on our way to see 'Phantom' - yes that's right, I like theater, I went to see Phantom (ps. wasn't that great, but its one of the biggies that you just can't ignore-shame on any broadway babies not checking out the classics.) Oops, I digress...ANYWAY, just when we thought we were done stopping people I SPOTTED THEM, three glorious queens! Yes that's right boys, I'm talking about you! They were freaking funny and down to earth, so make sure you come back friday to see them dish on one another.

Unfortunately you won't see the Starbucks cutie I spied over my iced coffee-to shy to film-hopefully not to shy to email and give us a Hall Of Shame interview.

Oh, I almost forgot about my first guy, the first one to agree to be filmed, a Friends with Benefits wet dream cause he's caught in the game. How many guys do you see falling for the FB? I know, I know...hardly any. If you wanna hear his story you'll have to wait till friday. Until then!

Wait! Stop ignoring the Mailing List! Tell us who you are! No more vague emails people! I wanna hear your dirt!

Friday, July 6

On The Town

The Politics is leaving for New York today - I'll be tramping along my favorite parts of the Big Apple. Somehow, I will manage to put the Gray's Papaya Hot Dog down long enough to grab victims off the street for the Video Clips/Hall of Shame sections of the site.

What The Heck! Next Week I'll just theme the whole site in honor of the city that never sleeps...ugh that's so cliche.

Yet, it is my home away from home and I hope you'll come back next week to check out my adventures. I promise juicier secrets, dirty questions and let's pray for spicer answers...

The Politics is out to make you blush - stay tuned.

Monday, July 2

In the Land of Texting, he said..."

I'm so pumped on myself right now. Forgive me my human weakness...

It's not right to be non-humble about oneself. But I just got a text from the guy who says "I need space." "Right now I just can't give of myself." And from that text sprung the instant gratification of knowing that you arent as forgettable as you may have previously thought. Without shame, I admit that I'm going to enjoy having the upper hand in this situation.

It's been two weeks since his moody departure...yet somehow he expects that with one text, that with one single "HI" all the time in between should somehow melt away and I should suddenly become available again.

Nice try. Had this been his first 'space needing adventure' then maybe. But after a handfull of 'tomorrow's' this girl is determined not to be the fool again.
So tell me, how would you handle this situation?